Halloween contact lenses can cause eye infections

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Eye Emporium opticians

Eye Emporium opticians is warning anyone that is thinking of using coloured contact lenses as part of their Halloween costume to ensure that the lenses are fitted correctly.

With so many different types of contact lenses readily available, many people are ordering coloured contact lenses that are not the right size for their eyes, often causing infection and vision impairment.

The team at Eye Emporium is encouraging anybody that is thinking of using coloured contact lenses as part of their costume to visit the practice and ensure they are fitted correctly and comfortably.

Eye Emporium opticians also has a warning for those that experience discomfort while wearing the lenses.

If you are out at a party or trick or treating door to door and experience discomfort or sore eyes, it is important that you remove the lenses in order to avoid infection.

During past Halloween periods, we’ve detected corneal ulcers and severe infections that have impaired people’s eyesight.

The problem with buying contact lenses online is that you don’t fully know what you are getting; there is no-one to show you how to insert the lenses and ensure they are clean.

Everyone loves getting dressed up for Halloween, but we want to ensure that everyone’s eyes are safe no matter what they are doing.

Our team is also experienced in contact lenses fitting and assessment to ensure that you get the most out of your eyewear without discomfort or infection.

Halloween is a busy time of the year for us; we see many people that want to use coloured contact lenses and others that are concerned about their eye care through the coming winter months.

We ensure that all patients’ eyes are assessed before recommending contact lenses. You may need a certain type of lens that fits perfectly in to your eye and we will show you how to look after the lenses effectively.

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