Fancy a pair of Google glasses? They are closer than you think!

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Google Glasses
I’m sure by now you’ve seen Google glasses in the press or online. These revolutionary specs allow you to take photos of things from your own perspective, use social media at the blink of an eye, and navigate your way around easily; you can listen to music, read the news, and record events, trips or family get togethers; you can even make notes, send text messages, or improve your fitness with this technological feat.
Who wouldn’t want to try a pair?
The only problem is the Google Glass isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing design. And if you have a strong sense of style, a penchant for fashionable brands, or you simply know what suits you and what you like, you may not be so keen on trying a pair out in public, which, let’s face it, kind of defeats the point!
If that sounds like you, you may be pleased to know that those clever brains at Google have thought about the eyewear brands that people love and combined the Google Glass with luxury eyewear.
Now, thanks to lens manufacturer Luxottica, huge eyewear brands Ray-Ban and Oakley will be using this augmented reality technology in upcoming designs.
That means you’ll be able to combine high fashion with the latest technology, putting you firmly at the cutting edge.
We don’t have a firm date for these frames to launch as yet, but like always, we’ll keep you updated.
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