Experience the luxury of handmade eyewear from Eye Emporium

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If you were given the option of having a product that was mass made by a machine or something carefully made by hand, which would you choose?
The handmade product would be the obvious choice, wouldn’t it?
You may have some questions before you make your decision though; who is the handmade product made by? Will it fall apart quickly? If not, is it a lot more expensive than the machine made item?
At Eye Emporium we love handmade and truly believe in the superiority of handmade brands of glasses. Because of this, we stock a large range of handmade frames – both optical and sun frames. However, we realised that many of our patients don’t always know much about handmade glasses, simply because it’s not something they think about regularly.
In our practices we sell several brands of handmade frames including Silhouette, Tag Heuer, Cazal and Mykita. They’re particularly popular among our team, because we know how much craftsmanship goes into producing each pair, as well as how long they will last, and how durable they are.


Typically, brands which offer handmade frames have been around for a long time, meaning they are true experts in their field – Lafont (which we also stock) for example, has been creating bespoke frames since 1923! Frames tend to be more lightweight than mass made frames, and the materials used to make them are often of a higher quality. Hinges can be more flexible and you can be assured that each pair has been thoroughly inspected by more than one pair of expert eyes at each stage of production.
But, despite all the time, care and attention that it takes to create each pair of handmade frames, you won’t be asked to pay thousands of pounds for a pair. While the price may be slightly higher than a standard frame, but, as the old saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’, and handmade frames really are an investment. If you look after them properly, they will last you for years.
Finally, despite what you may think, handmade frames aren’t old fashioned or simple. In fact, there is a huge range of styles to choose between, with tens of designed being released each season by each brand. There’s something to suit every taste too, from the timeless lines of Orgreen, to the bold colours of Mykita, and the minimalism of Silhouette.


Next time you need a new pair of glasses consider whether you should invest in a handmade pair this time. Our experts at Eye Emporium will be able to guide you towards the best frames for you and there are just as many styles to choose from as there are with mass made frames.
To view our stunning collection of handmade frames, or to book your next eye examination, call the team at Eye Emporium on 0800 020 9202 today.