Essilor X-Series: Ultimate Vision Experience at Swiss Cottage & Faversham

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A device specially designed to work accordingly to the motion of your movement catering to your everyday want and needs. The Varilux X-Series is the first ever Varifocal Lens that allows you to shift from one task to another, without being held back by your vision.

For starters, you’re probably wondering what a Varifocal Lens actually is, so lets begin with a little definition. A Varifocal Lens as in general terms too is a lens specific to motion of movement. In the optical world of glasses these are designed for those of us that have a busy lifestyle, constantly shifting focus. Varilux X Series removes limitations through it’s ‘Xtend’ technology, dramatically reducing head movement so you don’t have to.


in the 90s

A study by a multi-disciplinary team conducted an aim to get a better understanding of this new generation of wearers. They explored expectations and behavior among wearers and developed new research methods for observing their day-to-day experience as closely as possible.”Researchers introduced a new concept: ‘the volume of acuity’ need for comfortable vision.” That refers to the volume of space that a wearer can perceive through the lens with the necessary visual acuity to perform typical tasks at each distance. With this lens the volume of vision is enlarged both in width and depth, especially in the area of so called arms-length vision.

The Varilux ‘X-Series‘ lens delivers clearly on its promise to provide clearer and crisper vision. Not only have Essilor managed to enhance it’s synchroneyes* technology to boost the wearer’s binocular vision across the entire lens and improve spatial perception. It has improved it’s Nanoptix* technology, which translates into improved peripheral vision for wearers. It measure the permeates of your actual frame taking your peripheral visionary into account the other areas of your focal point. In essence this lens is an all round advanced lens that wont require you to leave your ‘zone’  for you to focus your vision.

Experience our Visioffice too, a technological breakthrough in optical dispensing, this system gives you a quick yet in-depth measurement for your lenses. Available at our Swiss Cottage & Faversham practice only, read more about it here or simply book online now for an appointment.