Don’t Miss Out On Our Back To School Offer!

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The summer is nearly over and after finding activates for your children to do for the past month, it is time for you to breathe a sigh of relief as the summer holidays are coming to an end. Now it is time to get everything ready for the upcoming academic year. You may have already started your last-minute checklist of the must haves you need to get you through this year. Maybe you have already finished writing your to-do list and it has suddenly dawned upon you that you only have two days left!
Well don’t worry as your trusted Opticians is here to give you a helping hand…
  1. Get a new pencil kit (every pencil case has been doodled on)
  2. Buy a new rucksack that doesn’t have a Frozen reference on it
  3. Remember to buy a mathematics set (plus extra rulers as they tend to disappear )
  4. Purchase hundreds of pens and pencils
  5. Get a haircut
  6. A new school uniform is needed
  7. Buy a new physical education kit
And last but certainly not least…
Get their eyes tested at our local Eye Emporium practice!
We know the hassle and stress that the back to school rush causes you, that is why this year we want to spur you on as you are doing a great job! We think you deserve to be rewarded for all of your running around this week and that is why we are offering every adult a FREE eye test (usually worth £25) when they accompany a child to a NHS sight examination!
We understand that your busy schedule often gets in the way and you find it hard to book you and your child’s eye test. That is why this week is the most perfect week to cross both of these activities off your to do list! With this incredible offer you will be receiving excellent clinical care, a tailored service and an amazing saving.
We appreciate your loyalty to Eye Emporium Opticians and we are thrilled that we can offer you these great savings and incredible designer frames. Why not treat yourself as you are making your way down your to-do list. With an array of high-end frames and exclusive reductions there is no better  time to pop into your local Eye Emporium practice for you and your child’s eye test.
To get your hands on this incredible offer, please call us on 0800 020 9202. This offer is only till Monday 5th September, so make sure the school time rush does not beat you!
We look forward to seeing you!