Don’t let low vision stop you doing the things you enjoy

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Low vision aid available for people who have reading problems

Does your vision every stop you from doing the things you love? Do you struggle to read your favourite novels? Perhaps you can’t play the sports that you used to? Or maybe you can’t work on a computer as you need to?

If you suffer with low vision, you probably even struggle with these things if you wear glasses or contact lenses. This may mean that you’re registered as sight-impaired and those things that other people do with such ease become frustrating for you.

Whether you were born with low vision, your eyesight has gradually degenerated, or you’ve had an eye injury, the frustration of everyday tasks is the same. Dark spots, wavy lines, or double vision become the bane of your life.

It’s not until your sight is impaired that you realise exactly how much you depend on it for day-to-day tasks. But despite this obstacle, you want to remain free to do the things that you enjoy, just like other people, without having to rely on friends and family to help.

This is where Eye Emporium can help you.

As you will know, it’s important to regularly visit your optician; especially if you have an eye condition like low vision. We want you to be able to lead the life that you’re used to just as much as you do. That’s why we will do everything that we can to help you maintain your independence, with the help of low vision aids.

When you visit us, we will start by giving you a low vision assessment. You can tell us all about your sight, the difficulties that you are having, and the things you love to do but now struggle with. And don’t worry about taking a long time to explain; we will give you all the time you need, making sure we have a full insight into your condition and answering any questions that you may have for us.

Depending on your individual needs, we can then recommend the right low vision aids to help make your life easier. There are lots of low vision aids available, so it’s just a case of identifying which ones will best suit you and your lifestyle.

If you love to read, or have to read a lot for work or study, there are magnifiers in all shapes and sizes. Some you can hold, some clip onto your specs, and others have lights to further assist you. Magnifiers can also be great if you love crafts such as cross-stitch, knitted or model making.

These same magnifiers can be used for working on a PC, and you can even get magnifiers on a stand to make things easier still. If you are used to working on a computer a lot, we can also recommend special software that can make print larger on your monitor, or can read text aloud for you.

At Eye Emporium, we love Extenso lenses by BBGR. These can be fitted into most frames and are fantastic for close and mid-distance work, such as reading and working on computer screens. Better still, you don’t need to spend time allowing your vision to adapt, they cover the whole viewing area, and you can move your eyes from screen to keyboard without any focusing issues.

These are also some great lenses for children with low vision, so make sure you ask us about them next time you visit.

Other aids that we may suggest are large print telephones, talking watches, and even GPS devices that give you an extra hand when you’re out and about. It all depends on what you currently struggle with and what your typical day consists of.

If you have low vision and would like to arrange an assessment, if you need to book your next eye examination, or if you would like any advice on low vision aids, simply call our expert team here at Eye Emporium, on 0800 020 9202.


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