Do you play football? Improving your game may not mean you need more skill…

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The weather is great; it means getting outdoors more often and spending more time doing things you enjoy, whether that’s relaxing in the sun with friends, enjoying the countryside, or playing your favourite sport. And when it comes to sport we’re a nation of fanatics – especially when it comes to football.
Although it’s not the season to watch the beautiful game, it’s the perfect time to get in some practice. It’s more enjoyable with the sun shining down on you rather than with the rain pouring down on you, isn’t it?!
And not only does it mean spending some extra quality time with your friends or kids, but it also means more of us are getting out and exercising regularly, which is great for our health. However, if you’re a glasses-wearer it might not be as easy to enjoy the game as much as the (hopefully) good weather.
That’s because normal glasses have a tendency to bounce around your face when you play sports thanks to your more vigorous movements. This hinders your concentration, accuracy and depth-perception, meaning your missed shots at goal could be down to your eyes, not your lack of skill (you can show this to your competitors if you want to!).
At Eye Emporium we want to give you the opportunity to showcase your well-honed skills, so we stock specialist eyewear to stop bouncing glasses from throwing your game.
Sports frames are increasingly popular – especially for footballers. Many designers create frames that counter the elements that usually restrict glasses-wearers when playing their chosen sport; whether that’s specs bouncing around when playing football, or restricted field of vision for golfers. Lots of these frames not only look great, but fit perfectly to your unique facial measurements so that they don’t move around as you do. Many frames also boast a wraparound lens which extends further around the sides of your face to give you a better field of vision.
Better still, sports frames can be fitted with tinted lenses that enhance the terrain you play on. Usually you play football on grass, so we’d recommend a brown tinted lens to make the contrast between the grass, the sky and the ball really pop.
With a contact sport like football you also need to be aware of the dangers that glasses lenses can pose. It may only take one off-target kick or an accidental elbow to the face to shatter a lens. The results of this are not worth imagining. For this reason, sports lenses are not made of glass making them resistant to shattering and causing damage to your eyes should an accident happen.
Alternatively, a lot of footballers choose contact lenses as their preferred vision correction. Today there are a lot of options for contact lenses which means that even if you’ve previously been told they’re not suitable for your prescription, there is probably now a solution for you. You can even choose daily disposable lenses if you don’t intend to wear them all the time. This means you wear a fresh pair each time you play football and you don’t waste a monthly pair on just a few uses.
At Eye Emporium, we’d recommend that anyone who regularly plays contact sports has a contact lens trial. You might be amazed at the difference contact lenses can make to your game, that’s why we offer these trials for free.
For more information about glasses frames for sports, or to arrange a contact lens trial just give our experts at Eye Emporium a call on 0800 020 9202. We’d be delighted to help.