Contact Lens Plans

Try contact lenses for unobstructed, crisp vision all day long

We provide various contact lens plans, so you can enjoy the freedom of unrestricted vision that suits your lifestyle. Our schemes ensures you get the utmost care at an affordable price. At Eye Emporium we pride ourselves in offering you the best treatment outside of our clinic, through a month aftercare plan. As well as professional care from our Optometrists where we provide contact lens fitting support and teach you how to correctly insert and remove your lenses, as well as how to care for them properly.

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  • Choice of lenses – best suited to you
  • 6 Month aftercare check-up



Astigmatism is a common condition that affects 47% of the UK population. Those who are diagnosed frequently experience blurred or distorted vision. It occurs when the cornea of the lens is not a perfect curve. Despite this, people with astigmatism are given separate prescriptions for reading, and are provided contact lenses catered to this condition.


Ages 8+


Children aged over 8 years can be prescribed contact lenses. Many parents opt for this as a go to for their active kids, who are regularly play sports. For children we would recommend disposable dailies, for hygiene and people who simply don’t want the hassle of cleaning contact lenses.


70 +


You can never be too old for contacts, if you have concerns about wearing contacts, our optometrists are here to diagnose and offer valuable advice in accordance to your eye health.


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There are different types of contact lenses available for you to choose from

Daily disposable, which is chosen because it’s great for people who don’t want to wear contacts every day, those who regularly play sports, and people who simply don’t want the hassle of cleaning contact lenses.

Other options available are monthly and fortnightly lenses, which can be worn daily for between two weeks and a month.





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