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Created by Austrian eyewear designer, Carl Zalloni, Cazal pushes their glasses towards something special. Consumers didn’t simply want eye protection, they wanted a fashion statement that broke the mold. Because of this Zalloni’s designs do not follow the mainstream but instead goes for instantly recognizable original and unusual designs.

As a result Cazal eyewear has been recommended and endorsed by top fashion icons in the industry for its stylishly composed character and beguile. This allowed Cazal to define the typical hip hop look of the 80s, while still being worn by the greats today. Spike Lee’s first feature length film ‘She Gotta Have It’, features the main protagonist, Mars Blackmon, with a signature look including a pair of Cazal frames. With the ground-breaking success of the film, Air Jordan TV advert campaigns, used this iconic look alongside Michael Jordan which was seen as a landmark in the evolution of sneakers into massively profitable items of fashion. Even as far back as the 1950s, west coast hip-hop pioneers, Rodney-O and Joe Cooley can be seen wearing Cazals, cementing the brand’s place in cultural history.

Titanium and gold are some of the high class materials that guarantee premium quality in Cazal. Each frame is put through 35 testing processes allowing the hinges to undergo 50,000 different motions to ensure their durability for extensive use.  Thousands of hours have been dedicated to the development of colours that help create colour shades that follow seasonal trends. A wide range of colouring techniques embellish frames with a distinctive and unmistakable look. The best 240 colour variations out of a pool of 1,800 variations recommended by the development department are chosen by lead designers to enter the market. All of this is able to be accomplished with a grand total of 0 liters of waste-water produced in electroplating processes. This system allows raw materials to be recycled whilst guaranteeing any toxic substances produced are disposed of in an environmentally correct manner. Cazal have made 1210 models since its founding, with 60 new models currently being released every year.