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New In: From CAZAL

A feature on the brand’s new in and upcoming products, soon to be displayed in our stores. Stocked in our Stratford and Bethnal Green branches. Here’s a sneak peak on what to expect in the next few weeks.   The new … Read more


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Ordering Contact Lenses Online: Now Available

Eye Emporium is introducing a digital platform for you to purchases contact lenses online directly from us. With a voucher download you are eligible for a free contact lens trial. Making the process easier for you contact-lenses-wearers (and beginners) by … Read more



Seasonal Favorites

If you’re feeling the blues of the seasonal’s most prominent week this time of year, don’t worry! We have accumulated the top five looks from Paris Fashion Week (F/W17) and combined it with the frames we have to offer here … Read more



Are you part of the 83% of the glasses wearers who are also drivers?

If you’re a driver, you’re probably familiar with the feeling of driving at night or in bad weather conditions. When your visibility is reduced, you automatically drive a little slower and are more aware of possible hazards in your path. … Read more



One is never enough…

It would be great to have a second copy of lots of things in life, wouldn’t it? A second white shirt in your bag for when you spill coffee on the first one, a spare pen in case the first … Read more



Fabulous new Cartier ranges available at Eye Emporium Swiss Cottage!

Cartier looks beyond the fleeting fashions of the day, forging a style out of its extraordinary history, travels and encounters with exceptional personalities. Founded in 1847 in Paris, Cartier stands as one of the world’s most esteemed and respectful Maisons in … Read more


Eat a rainbow to see a rainbow!

You undoubtedly hear it several times a day, every day; eating a balanced diet is good for you. It helps to keep your body fit and your mind sharp, but did you know a balanced diet also has an excellent … Read more


Are your children getting the best from their glasses?

As a parent, you’ll do anything you can to ensure your children have the very best in life. From getting them into the best schools, to taxiing them to after school activities and friends’ houses, and keeping them fit and … Read more

Female Doctor Checking Blood Pressure Of Woman

Did you know that your blood pressure can affect your eyesight?

You probably already know that having a high blood pressure reading can cause issues for your body and will need to be monitored closely. If you’re diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure) you may also need to take medication; this … Read more


Take a look at our newly refurbished practices

If you usually visit our Faversham or Whitstable stores you may have noticed that they haven’t been open as usual lately. ‘Why?’ you ask.  Well, simply put, we wanted them to look fresher, brighter and more modern for you, as … Read more


Lower your handicap with the right golf lenses

Since the weather is finally starting to brighten up it’s likely that you’ll be desperate to spend more time outdoors. And that usually means more time enjoying the hobbies you enjoy the most. For many of us that means more … Read more

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Your new look John High opticians is coming soon to Whitstable!

Big changes are happening now at the John High Whitstable branch. We are closing the store temporarily for a new and exciting refurbishment. The store will be closed from 4:00pm on Saturday 18th April 2015 and will re-open at 9:00am on Wednesday 29th April … Read more

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Your new look John High opticians is coming soon to Faversham!

Big changes are happening this Easter at the John High Faversham branch. We are closing the store temporarily for a new and exciting refurbishment. The store will be closed from 4:00pm on Saturday 4th April 2015 and will re-open at … Read more


Introducing Cazal, the hottest new brand at our Stratford branch

If you’ve heard of frame brand Cazal you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s the latest brand to be stocked at the Stratford branch of Eye Emporium. If you haven’t heard of Cazal, be prepared to get excited. Cazal frames … Read more


Get your FREE pair of polarised prescription sunglasses!

Is having the right equipment important to you? Glasses are no different… If you’ve been to see us recently you’ll know how much we love lenses by BBGR. When you need a new pair of glasses, we recommend you try … Read more