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Myth Busters: Contact Lenses

Ever wanted to try Contact Lenses for yourself? But not sure if you should because of many taboos and horror stories you have heard or read about? We’re here to answer those often pondering worries that a potential new Contact … Read more



Contact Lenses & Bacteria

On a day to day basis, our hands come into contact with a germ-infested world. From the dusty seats on the tube to the 50 year old office keyboard at work, harmful bacteria love to linger in unexpected areas that … Read more


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What are the benefits of Transition Lenses?

Transition lenses, also known as photochromic lenses, are a clear lens which automatically darkens when exposed to sunlight and UV.   Key Features of adaptive lenses are: – Change from clear indoors to dark outdoors – Dark in bright sunlight … Read more


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Ordering Contact Lenses Online: Now Available

Eye Emporium is introducing a digital platform for you to purchases contact lenses online directly from us. With a voucher download you are eligible for a free contact lens trial. Making the process easier for you contact-lenses-wearers (and beginners) by … Read more



Remedies for Dry eyes from Contact lenses

Are you experiencing watery eyes from an evening of wearing contact lenses during your Halloween celebrations or from a daily usage, well you may have been hit with dry eyes syndrome. This is a common problem amongst both non and … Read more

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Are you looking for an affordable way to subtly change your look?

Let’s face it it’s quite easy to get stuck in a rut with the way you look, isn’t it? Sometimes a change of lipstick or a trip to your favourite clothes shop isn’t enough to alter your look in the … Read more

Contact lenses make you feel better

If you play sports, read on to see how you can easily improve your game…

If you play sports you’ll know just how important good vision can be to your game. As well as simply helping you to clearly see what you’re doing, good vision improves your hand/eye coordination, accuracy, and reaction times. In fact, … Read more


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You can wear contact lenses and still let your eyes ‘breathe’

Have you ever wondered why your contact lenses can make your eyes feel dry and uncomfortable? Or why your optician recommends that you only wear them for a number of hours each day? Or perhaps why, if you regularly wear … Read more


Contact Lenses

Everything You Need To Know About Contact Lenses

There are a variety of different types and brands of contact lenses available, including soft, daily disposable and reusable. Soft The majority of modern contact lenses are soft. These are very thin and manufactured from materials that allow oxygen to … Read more


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Would your child benefit from contact lenses?

You want the very best for your children don’t you? Whether it’s making sure they have everything they need to get ahead at school, feeding them a healthy diet or helping them to practice their favourite sport, you’ll do all … Read more



The Sauflon Clariti® family contact lenses

The Clariti® family- keeping you company on your journey through life. In the beginning Most of us enter the world as long-sighted- that is our eyeballs are slightly too short to create perfect vision.  As we develop, our eyes naturally … Read more


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Halloween contact lenses can cause eye infections

Eye Emporium opticians is warning anyone that is thinking of using coloured contact lenses as part of their Halloween costume to ensure that the lenses are fitted correctly. With so many different types of contact lenses readily available, many people … Read more