Buyers Guide –Choosing the right frame for your face shape

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Have you ever experienced the struggle of walking into an opticians staring at the vast rows of glasses and wonder which frame is best suited to you? Well question no more, as here’s a full breakdown of the different frames available and how to shop for the most suitable option according to your face shape. Firstly, what face shape do you have? Unsure? Simply look in the mirror, use a marker pen to draw around your face, then simply step back. By differentiating the seven main types of face shapes, we offer the following guidance.

Golden rule – Choose a frame that’s opposite to your face shape!

A round curvature facial structure will benefit from a rectangular frame to draw out the appeal of a narrower, longer facial outline. This draws dimension and stronger angles to your appearance. A fuller nose bridge also ensures comfort preventing the frame from resting on your full cheeks.
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triangular-face-shapeBased-down triangle
While, the base-down triangle shaped individuals have narrow foreheads and wide cheeks, these features draw other people’s focus downward. A recommendation would be cat-eyes shaped frames. The detailing encompasses flared out wings near the temples of face. Generated popularity in the 60s, are also currently popular with the retro styled trend today. This style attracts the main focus point back to the eyes, sculpting the entire face structure for a more balanced look.
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The diamond blend a rare facial shape is prominent know for their defined cheeks. They will particularly profit with semi-rimless and a wider frame which reduces the image of a narrow nose bridge. Another, will be oval frames as this emphasizes the facial shape and softens the slender forehead.



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The strong and defined jawline of a square face requires a round or thin frame. The power of a round frame conveys not only a vintage appeal, but these edges contains more depth which offers the perception of softer curvature angles.
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Heart shaped
Heart-shaped individuals will have wider top halves of the face, so rims that are broader at the bottom offer a stylish contrast. However make sure you avoid avoiding semi-rimmed glasses that will draw prominent attention to the cheeks.
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An oblong face showcases long and wide facial structures, with high cheekbones. Complementing the facial features with a frame which is particularly wider and comprises a lower nose bridge shortens the appearance of the nose. The temple (width of the frame arms) should also have prominent density to deviate from the width of the face.
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Oval is most renowned facial shape that has the great ability to suit a wide range of frames. This is entirely down to personal preference, if an individual wants to create more attention to their round face shape then a walnut styled frame with molded round edges has the ability to generate harmony in their features.
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To allow our supportive team help you choose your perfect frame, call Eye Emporium at 0800 020 9202 to book your sight examination or pop into your local practice for a style consultation today!