Blue Light Filter Coatings.: Is It Worth The Hype?

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You’ve probably seen and heard of lenses on glasses that have a blue light filter that are supposed to be good for alleviating eye strain and are ‘better for your eyes’. You’re on the fence about whether this is true or not, because you don’t know too much about it, and wondering whether it’s just another gimmick to lure us in to spend more money on our glasses.

You see, vision problems are unfortunately one of the hazards of too much time spent staring at your computer screen all day. This is especially true nowadays as we use not only screens at our desk, but at our tablets and screens on our smart phones. The pitfalls can be eye ‘strain’, dry or red eyes, blurred vision, headaches, back and neck pain due to bad posture looking at the screen, and general fatigue. We just don’t realise the impact of using our digital devises for hours at a time.

There are things we can do in terms of reducing strain, including taking short breaks from the computer to give your eyes a chance to relax and making sure your computer isn’t sitting at an angle or height that would exacerbate the situation, however having an aid which is permanently on your glasses to dramatically reduce glare on screens is a must!

Glasses which hold a specific purpose, are meant to optimise your eyesight when you’re looking at screens, by reducing glare, increasing contract, and maximising what we see through the lenses. This of course would allow us to stare at the screen for much longer periods without experiencing strain. The main features in these glasses will be an Anti-Reflective coating to reduce glare bouncing off our screens.


So, what is blue light anyway? Well in basic terms, its visible light and it’s much more complex than you think. In our day to day life, it’s to do with things we do that we take for granted, such as switching on lights, and watching tv and so forth. Most people are aware that there are visible rays that can harm the skin. ‘Blue’ light contains many shades of colour and each one relates so wavelengths that we call white light, or sunlight.

Without getting into complicated physics, there is a relation between the light rays and the amount of energy there is within each one.

The key point is that the ultraviolet rays is that they have the most visible light and have the highest energy, therefore we have the most exposure to it in our everyday life. Outside of course, will be sunlight, but indoors it includes all LED lighting, flat screen TVs and other man-made sources of light. That is why it’s important for us to protect ourselves from it and cut down our exposure to it.

Come down to Eye Emporium to find our more about our lenses which include this fantastic coating. You might find you’re reaching out for the box of headache pills a lot less if you buy these lenses, especially if you’re into your gadgets and spend a fair time on your computer!