Our hearing centre at John High Faversham and Sittingbourne

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Our very own hearing centre is now open at John High Sittingbourne and Faversham. Offering a wide range of hi-tech hearing aids that’s discreet and comfortable. Hearing tests are essential not just amongst those experiencing natural hearing loss due to their declining age but also in young children. In general health a child should review their hearing before the start of school. While, highlighting that 70% of over 70s experience some kind of hearing loss and although men are more likely to be affected, it is important to get early treatment as research suggests those untreated experience a decline in thinking abilities of up to 40%.

Symptoms and sign 

  • Do you struggle to decipher speech when in a gather or busy places?
  • Having to turn up the volume up while watching television?
  • Needs sentences repeated back to you
  • Experiencing difficulty hearing over the phone
At Eye Emporium we bring professional expertise by qualified staff members. Those with tinnitus; ringing of the ears, is also a form of hearing loss, these patients will benefit heavily from a hearing aid. These sound amplification devices will usually provide relief. People affected by tinnitus, often struggle to hear surrounding sounds, a hearing aid will enable the objective sound to be heard by covering the ringing. Once you begin to hear again, in turn the brain will stop compensating for the missed frequencies and stimulation. Sound is a major factor in our life with noise constantly surrounding us, this can affect the way daily tasks are carried out and the way we communicate with friends and family.
Hearing assessment 
We offer a tailored service providing solutions to getting your hearing back on track. Our tests with high tech equipment is performed on site. Providing a service that ensures you are catered for every step of the way, in comfort to fitting to find the right hearing aid for you.
What we offer?
  • FREE hearing tests and assessment
  • FREE hearing consultations
  • Hearing aid fitting
  • Aftercare services
Hearing Aids 
With state of the art hi-tech devices available with different styles, features and solutions for discreet cosmetic use. We guarantee we’ll find the right option that’s catered to your lifestyle and personal needs. While, also offering a free demo that enables us to assess your level of comfort and satisfaction with the product before purchase.
Ultimately all hearing aids are made to selectively increase the volume of sound in your surrounding. While, also making soft and loud noise audible. With basic components that contains the ability to work as an:
  • Amplifier
  • Microphone
  • Costumed mold fitted to your ear shape
  • Loud speaker (known as a receiver)
  • Re-chargeable extended battery life
Widex combines sound simulation, amplification, and stress Beyond_Product_yoga-mat_2_1600x1067reduction capabilities. By providing soft sounds created by wind chimes and white noise that has the ability to masks tinnitus. These so called frequencies and called Zen fractal tones, there traditional amplification are also completely customisable by the health care provider.
Enhancing your sound quality, the NEW Widex BEYOND™ also allows connectivity to your iPhone, Bluetooth, DEX Communication devices and telecoils. Allowing wearers to alter the volume by simply swiping away. With long lasting battery life clearly visible, so you’ll never receive any nasty surprises while out and about.
 The sound therapy, Xino Tinnitus device developed by Starkey also provides a mask up for tinnitus, the white noise simulated is fully customizable by the healthcare provider. With a wide range of discreet hearing aids with in the canal, that’s virtually invisible available in a wide range of colours.




The hearing aid combines multi-functional tinnitus therapy. The sound generator in the device produces a white noise signal that can be adjusted to the patients preferred frequency to fade the noise create by tinnitus into the background. Many notice the changes in their symptoms, with additional volume control allowing the wearer to adjusts the level of sound stimulus.
There are four types of therapy signals hearing aids offer, this includes: white noise, pink noise, speech noise, and high-tone noise. The sounds can be altered according to your comfort and needs. Phonak also offers the fastest charging technology with up to 24 hours of hearing with a simple 3-hour charge. The easy-charging smart options enable the user to charge on the go without hassle. The very own portable Phonak charger case enables you to free yourself from batteries.
To book yourself an hearing examination and experience the types of hearing aids we have to offer simply visit our hearing centre at John High Favesham and Sititinbourne today or simple book via our online application