Frame styling

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You’ve had your eye examination and now you need glasses…. What’s the next step?
You look around at all the various rows of frames that seem to go on forever, and you have no clue where to start! At some opticians you are simply left to your own devices to wander around aimlessly trying on random frames without much enthusiasm hoping you might stumble on one that you thinks look suitable. You take a selfie and send it to a friend and they don’t agree with your choice. You might have a partner with you, but they shrug their shoulders as they are so used to not seeing you in glasses, they don’t know what is supposed to look good. You try another and realize it’s just aged you by 20 years and you now look like your great aunt Mildred.
Well, not at Eye Emporium! The dispensers and Optical staff are all here to help you cope with the minefield of looking at a sea of frames not knowing what to pick. We would never let your choice be something your friends and family wouldn’t like, to ensure you can be your confident self and proud of your choice. We want you to leave with that same excitement as you would get when you buy ‘ that gorgeous handbag you’ve had your eye for ages’ or for you guys reading this, maybe that same buzz you get when you’ve just bought a new gadget or watch!
We run through questions for more information on your lifestyle, the styles you like, and colours you wear. Through this we can help you on your quest to find the perfect frames. Other factors are taken into consideration too. Whether you wish to have a subtle; classic look, or something bold with a statement. Depending on your personality and the environment you work in, and any other practical indications, at Eye Emporium we have a vast collection of frames for everyone.
You might have an idea in mind, looking at a famous celebrity in a magazine or on a TV show with one on that you like the look of. Bear in mind though, that what suits one person, may not necessarily suit another the same way. This is where we look at your face shape, and colouring. We aim to help you find a frame that complements you.
As a general rule of thumb, there are three main points to consider when choosing a frame although this of course isn’t written in stone.
  • Eye wear should complement your best features, (such as a tortoiseshell frame to match your hazel eyes)
  • The frame shape should contrast your face shape
  • The frame should be in proportion to your face size
Colour of your skin tone.
All people have either a cool (blue- based) or warm (yellow- based) colouring. Frames should generally complement your own colour tone. Other factors that determine suitability is your hair and eye colour as well as the colours that you like to wear.
To find out which frame suits your face shape in the best way – Read our blog here 
What colours are in fashion?
If you like to be a trend follower then you probably already know what’s in and what isn’t. Try not to let this dominate your decision as to what frame to choose though as the colour that is ‘in’ at the moment might not suit your colouring at all. Remembering a few seasons back? Mustard and yellow were all the rage on the catwalk, and in turn all the high end fashion designers followed suit. Everything from Michael Kors bags to Jimmy Choo shoes came in this colour as well as salmon pink and paisley prints, but mustard in particular is not a colour that would suit many in a frame. Retailers and manufactures adjust their apparel and accessories to what designers think consumers want, and frames affect this as well, as it’s great to be up to date, but remember you will have your glasses for a year or more so think carefully about your choice. To get round this, many of our customers have two pairs, going for one ‘out there’ funky pair and a more formal one for work and other occasions, so there’s no need to rule out brightly coloured frames.
Our frame brands and styling 
It would seem that plastic and acetate frames have beenrbon trend for some time now especially in large sizes, and this still appears to be the case when looking at the 2017 collections of frames. Classics however never go out of fashion and some of these are metal. Retro styling is timeless and suits all ages!
It would seem that plastic and acetate frames have been on trend for some time now especially in large sizes, and this still appears to be the case when looking at the 2017 collections of frames. Classics however never go out of fashion and some of these are metal. Retro styling is timeless and suits all ages!
Rayban have cornered the market when it comes to the definitive frame shapes that other designers like to follow. They have been trend setters for years. You only have to look at the famous Top Gun aviators and you’ll see many frames in this shape especially in sunglasses. Another popular frame is their Clubmaster, the Malcolm X frame that people love to be seen in sported by the likes of Johnny Depp.
versaceframesSome of our Versace frames this year have been in vivid pillar-box reds and bright magenta pinks. The tortoiseshells and blacks are coming back in again. They are always a popular choice as they go with everything! The cat – eye doesn’t seem to be leaving the catwalk anytime soon and we are seeing more of these popping up in new collections and now in an array of different colours from the more discerning to the very bold and statement pieces.
The ‘Face a Face’ range have always been known to have frames that are funky and different featuring retro styles and quirky frame shapes. They have had the cat- shapes for a long time, but this season they have been more popular than ever as they are being seen more in magazines.
Cazal eyewear features a very unique hipster style that Cazal frameyou don’t see every day. They’re great for creative people who want to stand out from the crowd. People love them and are all over social media now. The Legends range are mainly in very square or rectangular style and are popular amongst the entertainment industry. Cazal is the frame of the 80s incorporating the hip-hop style like no other brand. Their eye wear is nicknamed ‘cazzy’ by its fans after the after the creative designer Cari Zalloni. His unusual designs have paved the way for his creative team who have now taken over the designs since his death in 2012. A- list celebrities are wearing them as they are so different and original, from the likes of Lady Gaga, to Usher, Kanye West, and Will I Am. It’s not just the music industry, as actors such as Will Smith, Al Pacino, and Brad Pitt wear them about town.
The frames we have in our branches vary a little from store to store based on market research for the demographics for the given areas. In our North West London branches you will find our Face a Face. Myketa, and Orgreen are also in these branches should you be after the minimalistic modern and classy nordic style frames, Philip Stark do lovely frames which are simplistic and elegant sporting very flexible arms on a specialised ball grip. These are great if you’ve got young children around who like to grab your glasses off your face!
You will find most of our Cazal range in the very hip and fashionable Stratford Branch. They have the latest sunglasses and optical eyewear for you to look at. Other new frames including the Marc Jacobs range currently exclusive to Stratford.
S2 Eyewear
S2 whiteOur very beautiful new range of S2 metals in Stainless Steel with cutting edge styles. With contrasting bold colour on the inside of the frames. Made to be light-weight and its’ adjustable nose bridges, offers ultimate comfort as well as style. Named after influential figures in history, they echo the wearers strong personality and bold characteristics.
With 10 ranges in the collection made for men and women, the frames offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a smart and sophisticated look or something creative and bold.
We also offer more affordable options The funky Etnia range from Italy available from Italy which can be seen our Swiss Cottage Branch, a stone’s throw from the Jubilee line Underground.
We have an extensive range of designers in our branches as well as good quality affordable frames. Why not book yourself an eye test today online to see our lovely staff who will be more than happy to offer you advice from frame selection to your personal eye care.