Essilor brings Visioffice® to our Swiss Cottage and Faversham branches!

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Vantage Points
Visioffice brings technological breakthrough into optical dispensing 
Visioffice® is an all new high tech dispensing system that enables opticians to obtain quick and in-depth precise measurements for modern lenses.
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Providing high levels of accuracy to your prescription 
All standard lenses are manufactured with the same Eye Rotation Centre (ERC), however because no frame sits exactly the same way on every face and our eye shape differs from each individual. Whether it be single vision or bifocals, Eyecode on the other hand offers 3D measurements providing tailored personalised lenses to optimise your clarity by taking quick and simple snap shots of your eyes while wearing your chosen frame. The position of your eyes in the way the frame is fitted are calculated while also taking into account head posture to ensure precise measurements for premium lenses. As research suggests by including these parameters, the lenses made are 5x more accurate than standard lens designs.
Your visit to the opticians will usually consists of the optometrists measuring what’s called a Pupillary distance (PD), this is the individual distance between your left and right pupils to the centre of your nose. Every pair of glasses ordered will require this reading for prescription spectacle lenses. Unlike the usual method of measurement using a pupillometer or a ruler; Visioffice adjusts measurements according to your chosen frames, tint and wrap angle to a 0.1mm of accuracy. In particular with human error, improper fitting can sometimes compromise a patients vision. Further assessments of Vertex distance, head to eye ratio and postural behaviour offers a coefficient reading that is required to produce bespoke premium lenses such as, Varilux® Physio f-360º and Varilux® Ipseo New Edition. If distances are inappropriately calculated this can sometimes cause blurred vision and eye strain. Thus, providing higher quality lenses are necessary to your long-term eye health.

Give yourself exceptional vision 

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Visual Behaviour 
Physical movement is also compensated for and adjusted during the measurements, so any slight head rotations which causes focus to shift when the patient gazes directly at the camera is recorded. This is measured by requesting the patient to follow a moving light pattern on the screen. Activating better accuracy while the patient’s gaze is at their most comfortable as this is where the eyes will naturally sit when wearing their glasses.
Are you confused with the types of lenses and frames available?
Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 21.18.11A series of questions will help us find out which lenses will suit you best in your day-to-day lifestyle and any visual defects you may be experiencing. The touchscreen system will also provides demo videos with split screen display showcasing different lens options in comparison to standard lenses. The interactive animations offers a demonstration of lenses with different coatings including; transitions – the level of anti-glare, anti-reflection, Xperio coloured lens filters and polarising lenses that reduce harmful UV-Rays from entering the eyes. So patients can visibly see the difference UV protective lenses provide and precise expectations.
At Eye Emporium we pride ourselves on offering the utmost service and experience during your visit to the opticians. Selecting a frame can be overwhelming, while with our new Visioffice system you have the ability to compare how chosen frames look on you, by also providing on-screen displayed snap shots and printed photographs to be shown to family members. A frame whether work lower of higher can affect these measurements so an optical staff will always be at hand to ensure any necessary adjustments are made to ensure the frame sits comfortably on you.
To experience the Visioffice yourself book an eye test at our Swiss Cottage and Faversham branchestoday!