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Are you part of the 83% of the glasses wearers who are also drivers?

If you’re a driver, you’re probably familiar with the feeling of driving at night or in bad weather conditions. When your visibility is reduced, you automatically drive a little slower and are more aware of possible hazards in your path. … Read more



Your child can enjoy some of the most stylish eyewear around with our Eyekon ranges

As you know, several common eye conditions can have a serious effect on your child’s education and career choices later in life. You should ensure that your children attend regular eye examinations once every twelve months so that their vision … Read more


Top brands of designer glasses at Eye Emporium & John High opticians.

Statistically you only have seven seconds to make an impression on someone new. Make your seconds count!

When it comes to your appearance, you want to make sure you’re looking your best at all times. As they say, you never know when you’ll bump into an old friend, a new potential employer, or a TV crew filming … Read more


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You can wear contact lenses and still let your eyes ‘breathe’

Have you ever wondered why your contact lenses can make your eyes feel dry and uncomfortable? Or why your optician recommends that you only wear them for a number of hours each day? Or perhaps why, if you regularly wear … Read more


Sunglasses at Eye Emporium opticians London and John High opticians Kent branches

The sun is still around, so you need to keep protecting your eyes

Unlike most British summers, we seem to have seen a lot of the sun this year. There was a moment when it looked as though autumn had arrived early, but no, summer came blazing back in all its glory. While … Read more