As we say ‘Happy Birthday’ to the iPhone, don’t forget to protect your eyes from the blue light they emit.

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IPhone celebrates its 8th birthday on 9th January 2015

On January 9th 2015 the iPhone celebrated its 8th birthday. However, despite revolutionising technology and the way we communicate with one another, it’s important to remember that smart phones give off blue light that can be harmful to us.

When you use an electronic device you may have noticed a blue-ish light coming from it. This is because all smart phones, computers, TVs etc. emit blue light; an artificial light which can cause eyestrain, headaches and even disrupt your sleep.

If you ever find your eyes getting tired after using your smart phone, or you have trouble going to sleep at night, it could be down to blue light.

Ten years ago scientists discovered that there are receptors in the eyes which are especially sensitive to blue light. It is these receptors that tell your brain what time of day or night it is, regulating your sleep/wake cycle.

When you turn your computer or smart phone off in the evening, your body doesn’t immediately switch off. In fact, scientists predict that you could be delaying sleep by an hour. And loss of sleep can lead to a whole host of other conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety and weight gain. It is therefore extremely important to protect your eyes from as much blue light as possible.

Thankfully, there is a blue light coating which has been designed to go on top of your spectacle lenses. It works by bouncing back blue light and stopping it from entering your eyes. Additionally, the coating is thin and won’t make your eyewear look bulky, or affect your vision.

We recommend that you make time in the evenings to relax and unwind before you go to sleep. At least an hour before you intend to go to sleep, switch off your television, put your mobile phone away, and turn off your computer or laptop. Spend time reading a book, having a bath, or simply having a conversation in the hour leading to you going to sleep and you’ll be guaranteed to drop off to sleep faster.

Of course, blue light can affect you throughout the day too, not just at night time. If you watch television for long periods of time, have a smart phone or use a computer regularly, you are strongly advised to speak with your optician about blue light protection.

At Eye Emporium our friendly professionals are more than happy to discuss blue light coating and the way it works with you. To book an appointment to speak with a member of our team, or to book an eye examination, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 0800 020 9202.