Are you part of the 83% of the glasses wearers who are also drivers?

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If you’re a driver, you’re probably familiar with the feeling of driving at night or in bad weather conditions. When your visibility is reduced, you automatically drive a little slower and are more aware of possible hazards in your path. Often this can put excess strain on your eyes, and in some cases even go as far as to make you feel less safe behind the wheel.
Luckily, Zeiss’ new DriveSafe lenses are designed to help you feel more safe and in control when you’re driving in difficult conditions.
The advanced technology within these new lenses is able to go so far as to detect your pupil size in low light conditions. The coating on the lenses has also been shown to reduce glare by up to 64%, significantly reducing the distraction from oncoming headlights as well as from the bright lights on your dashboard.
What’s more, the lenses allow up to a 14% larger ‘far-distance zone’ of vision, giving you a much wider view of the road ahead as well as a crystal-clear perception of your rear-view and side mirrors.
These lenses are available in both single vision and progressive lens types, and can be incorporated into your everyday eyewear for your ultimate convenience.
Rather than simply take Zeiss’ word for it, the optometrist team here at Eye Emporium were prepared to take things one step further and recently travelled to Berlin to participate in the launch of this new product. During their Zeiss test experience, they wore the new lenses in the driver’s seat on a trial drive to test their effectiveness for themselves. At the end of the session they even had the chance to wear them on Segways to test their clarity of vision on various manoeuvres!


These new DriveSafe lenses have only just been released to the market – their official launch took place in the Zeiss office in Berlin on the 5th & 6th October. More details about these lenses, and photos of the launch and test experiences are available on Twitter – simply search #zeissbettervision.
However, rather than having to go all the way to Germany like our dedicated optoms, you can now test and purchase these sophisticated new lenses at your nearest Eye Emporium practice. Simply give us a call to find out more, or talk to the team about arranging an appointment to come in and try them out for yourself.
You can reach us on 0800 020 9209 – we look forward to seeing you soon!