Are designer frames worth it?

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Anyone who has ever browsed the frame displays of any opticians practice will know that there’s often a huge range of colours, designs and features to choose from. And to add yet more decisions into the mix, some of the top fashion designer brands from all over the world – like Jimmy Choo, Christian Dior and Gucci etc – have also branched out to create their own ranges of eyewear too.
When it comes to designer clothing, sometimes people are not convinced that the quality matches the price tag, and come out with that well-known phrase: “You’re only paying for the label!”
So where glasses and sunglasses are involved, are designer brands really worth it?
In short – yes, they are.
When you buy a pair of designer glasses or sunglasses, you’re paying for a lot more than just the label. Designer frames are typically made from better quality materials than cheaper versions, which not only makes them more durable but also more lightweight too. After all, you don’t want to have to put up with heavy or uncomfortable frames on your nose during a meeting, when you’re out at the cinema or enjoying a day at the beach!
What’s more, brands like Chanel and Dior are often manufactured to higher standards than some cheaper makes. Highly regarded fashion houses have reputations to uphold – they’re known all over the world, and for good reason. It’s in their interests to ensure that they continue to produce excellent quality goods, which in turn is a great benefit for you as you know you’ll be receiving a great product that’s passed rigorous quality control tests.
You know how important it is to protect your eyes from powerful UV rays, and this protection comes as standard with the vast majority of designer frames available. This isn’t just the base level of protection, but typically a minimum of at least 400 – enough to know that your eyes are truly safe from UV damage, even on the sunniest of summer days.
This quality doesn’t just extend to UV protection though – designer frames often offer reduced lens distortion, better contrast and altogether a better visual experience than some of their cheaper counterparts. This is because in many cases, cheaper sunglasses are generally made of thicker tinted plastic that just can’t give you the same quality of vision as other materials.
Have you ever been really excited to wear a new pair of glasses or sunglasses, only to put them on and find that one of the screws has come loose or there’s a scratch that you hadn’t noticed before? With a pair of designer frames, you would never need to worry about the cost or hassle of having to have these fixed or find a replacement. Designer frames are often covered by a no-quibble manufacturer’s warranty, leaving you safe in the knowledge that any repairs or adjustments will be seen to for you.
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