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Oeil de profil, iris multicolore
‘Not another resolution list’ you’re most probably thinking. But unlike any you’ve seen before, not only is this list realistic, manageable and doable. By the end of reading this you would have completed if not half then at least started.

2018 list



Close up image of human eye through eye chart

1. Book an Eye Test 

Somehow after all the reminder letters and text messages, you cannot manage to find the time book an appointment. You can get a head start with this resolution by using our quick and easy online booking system here to do this and it’s already completed. Our online portal also allows you to keep up-to-date with your prescription, appointment history and any images of your eye, like a scan that would be available to us.




2. Spend Wisely

Why not cut back on costs of extra spending and only invest your money on what you need. We can help you with this, our offers, including, half price lens coatings and discounted frame prices. We’re currently running an offer with 3 Designer Frames for £149 (t&c’s apply.) Including Designer such as, Ralph Lauren, Versace, D&G, DKNY, S2, PUMA* We also like to cater our offers to everyone and even do 1/2 price sight tests + 50% OFF frames for our student patients.





3. Get a FREE Ear Check

Consistent use of inner ear buds, listening to music at a high frequency can be damaging. Whether this is a huge concern of yours or you would just like to check to see your hearing wave levels. Why not book yourself in for our service? This is a completely FREE service and we are now testing in our Swiss Cottage + Stratford London store too! Not just Kent. We already have your details so all you need to do is call your local branch and book an appointment.


 4. Eating Healthy for your Eyes

Combining good nutrition with regular check-ups for will increase your defense against serious health conditions. There are known food groups that are generally known to contain the most anti-oxidants and vitamins your body requires to live a long healthy lifestyle and vision that runs a life time. Of course eating well is no cast iron guarantee against ever getting ailments however, good nutrition offers you the fighting chance your body deserves to maintain better health.

Read more about these super foods here.


5. Get a new lookcontact lenses

If you’re not quite ready to let go of your long locks then how about trying something less permanent like Contact Lenses? Whether you want to go for colored or clear, so you can go glasses free instead. We have many offers in store to help suit you, with our Softique Daily Lenses (6 Months Supply) for £135 was  £235. That’s cheaper than a price of coffee.

Regardless, we hope we are able to help you with your Eye Care + Hearing Care this year as it’s important to us. To book your self an eye examination, either click here or call us on: 0800 020 9202