10 ways to treat your Mum this Mother’s Day

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It’s almost that time of year where we show our Mums just how special they are to us. Mother’s Day is on Sunday 15th March this year and at Eye Emporium we have some suggestions for how to show you’re Mum just how much you care…



Buy her the biggest bouquet of flowers you can afford. Most Mothers love flowers; they brighten  up the home, smell great, and your Mum will know how much you care each time she looks  at the  blooms.



almoço-grego-20827792Take her out to her favourite restaurant. Spending time with your Mum at her favourite restaurant  will mean a lot to her. Not only can you enjoy a special meal, but you can catch up and have a  good chat at the same time. Don’t forget to book a table though – lots of people will have the same idea!


books-on-grass-300x199Recommend a book. If your Mum loves to read, why don’t you buy her a book that you think she’d enjoy? Something you’ve read yourself, something you’ve heard is good, or something by her favourite author would work well


interior2361Plan a trip to the cinema. If reading isn’t your Mum’s idea of fun, what about a film? Arrange a trip  to the cinema to see a movie starring her favourite actor and you’ll be in her good books!


28075_lCook her a meal. Give your Mum a day off by cooking Sunday dinner. Sit her down with a glass of  wine while you do the hard work. She’ll appreciate relaxing instead of roasting potatoes for a change!


61272228Arrange a shopping trip. Lots of Mums love to shop. If yours does, plan a leisurely day of wandering around the shops and trying on outfits together. Stop off for coffee and a cake and you’ll  have a great day!


 Book a spa day. Mother’s Day is all about getting Mum to relax. What better way than at a spa?  You can both lounge in the Jacuzzi then have a swim before enjoying a peaceful massage.


Treat her to some new glasses. Bring your Mum along to Eye Emporium to get her eyes tested then treat her to some new specs. Perhaps she’d prefer a pair of sunglasses to show off now spring  is here? We have a huge selection for her to choose from and she’ll thank you for making her even  more glamourous!



stock-photo-48720836-raw-vegan-cleanse-meals-after-delivery Plan a girlie night in. Daughters, this is a good one for you. Get a film, a take away, a bottle of  wine  and a face mask and have a giggle at home with your Mum. You’ll both love a fun night in.


iStock_000016194825XSmallMake her something special. Perhaps your budget doesn’t stretch to spa days and restaurants? That’s ok, you could make something for your Mother instead. Cake always goes down well; or perhaps you have a hobby that could help you create a thoughtful and unique gift?


If you’d like to book an appointment for your Mum, or for yourself, just give our friendly team at Eye Emporium a call on 0800 020 9202 today.